Our strength is concept and idea generation for new products, that we elaborate into unique objects. We are happy to help you with projects related to product design, industrial design or furniture, as well as exhibitions or showrooms.

We offer guidance within all parts of the design process, such as finding uses for materials, enhancing functionality in everyday life or choosing colour schemes and finishes for added value.

Objecthood has a broad combination of design skills ranging from products, spaces, design-methodology, CMF (colour material & finishes), and experience design.

Many products in our portfolio are initiated by us and developed together with producers. We also welcome projects initiated by you as a producer of design objects, based on your needs.

How we work

All projects are unique and processes will differ. However, the core is an iterative design process with phases of research, ideation, prototyping and evaluation. Throughout the process we aim to have a close and honest relationship with you as a client or collaborator.