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Exhibition in Hjo

Design 2024 i Hjo

Client: The municipality of Hjo, Sweden
Year: 2024

Objecthood designgroup was recognized in an exhibition that took place at Kulturkvarteret Pedagogien between February 10 and April 7 2024, in connection with Estrid Ericson’s firm Svenskt Tenn celebrating 100 years.

In a parallel exhibition, Britta Teleman (member of Objecthood) showed models from her research on children’s participation in care at Halmstad University. The project combined norm criticism and design in the form of provocative objects


strapp trioStrapp whiteStrapp brassStrapp copper


Client: Klong
Year: 2024

A shelf for books or magazines with a belt that keeps them in place.
The leather belt can be adjusted to fit many or few books.

For more information please see KLONG

Cafes For Messe Frankfurt

Cafes For Messe Frankfurt

Client: Messe Frankfurt
Year: 2016

Three cafe designs for the Ambiente fair at Messe Frankfurt. The given theme was Italy. We used a postmodern visual language, with geometric forms, black & white graphic elements and then added natural materials like cork, stone and wood for a warm atmosphere.

Wooden furniture were designed specially by Objecthood for the cafes. Cork stool design by Kajsa Willner.
Photo: Lina Németh



Client: Birkagatan Ett
Year: 2018

We needed a cozy sofa at our office at Birkagatan and decided to design and make it on our own. All of the sofa, from the first design idea through the process of sawing, stuffing, sewing (not the welding of the legs though), was made here, on the office floor.


Client: Skandiform
Year: 2012

Pond lounge-table is based on the idea of the lounge as a quiet pond. Its shape of a waterlily allows the integration of vertical storage space for magazines and i-pads.



Client: MIO
Year: 2008

Multimirror is a multifunctional mirror, only 10 cm deep, which can hold small items like keys, mobiles, post and paraphernalia of all kinds. The mirror slides aside which enables bags and shoes to be placed in front of it in a narrow place lake an entrance or a  hallway.