Portfolio Categories: How we Work


Research can mean a lot of things depending on the task. It can be to combine input from you as collaborator with insight about context, other relevant or inspirational projects, or market research. It may also be to learn more about a specific material or production method. Whatever is needed to generate a solid foundation for the ideation and project development.


Depending on the task, we will use fitting tools to develop and communicate our work. This might be hand sketching or digital visualisations.


Making models is priceless when it comes to understanding scale, functions or aesthetics. We work with both digital and physical 3D modelling and prototyping. Naturally, your own expertise or resources as collaborator can be of value in this phase, to make sure the project goes in line with your own production possibilities.


We value a close communication with people in all ends of a project. Be it the factory technicians or the sales person, they are all experts. A mutual understanding of the goal, limitations or methods is key to success.

Colour and Material

To obtain product lines in the premium segment, a homogeneous expression is of great importance as well as the detail like the finishing, the shade of the colour and questions like; what does the material express?

After several year of experience from working with Colour Material Finishing (CMF) Design with award-winning products at global companies, we have gained an understanding of how to use details and CMF to improve product expression.


Colour setup for showrooms

We helped Swedish manufacturer Stolab with colour setup and display of their fine furniture in a Pop-up Showroom at Input Interior Stockholm.

Colour and materials for products

A shelf for books or magazines with a belt that keeps them in place.
The leather belt can be adjusted to fit many or few books. News for 2013 are Copper and Brass finishes.

Colour Scheme For Urban Environment 

Facade renovation including enlargement and remodelling of balcony, refurbishment and new colour scheme.